Stravex Transport-und Handelsgesellschaft mbH

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21129 Hamburg
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Textile Produktion

socken pfeil doppeltTextile Produktion

Production of the high quality hosiery

Stravex represents the interests of leading Ukrainian and Belorussian hosiery manufacturers in EU countries.

The product range includes high-quality hosiery of different styles - tights, leggings, socks for women, men and children, all in all covering several hundred articles.

Making use of the newest technology and highest quality standards our hosiery manufacturers offer access to the current fashion trends and various colour palettes. The production process uses natural materials (cotton, mercerised cotton, wool, linen etc.) as well as synthetics (polyamides, viscose, elastan, bamboo fibre etc.), too.

The hosiery is manufactured under its own label, which has already gained a good reputation in the Eastern European market, and under the brand of the orderer. We are flexible to respond to specific customer demands on materials, colours or motifs, etc.

Moreover our enterprises are licensed for the use of “Lycra” and "Sanitized" (by bactericidal or anti-mould means) and are certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

Download here our wholesale price list and catalogue (.pdf-file, about 55 Mb.).