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Our Projects

project pfeil doppeltOur Projects

A long experience in business with Russia and CIS- Countries

Stravex Project & Trading has taken part in a number of international projects. In close cooperation with our customers and partners we have created marketing strategies and successfully implemented them.

You can find a short description of some projects below.

  • Branding, Marketing and Distribution of Table Clocks

    In cooperation with the leading Russian clock wholesaler we worked out manufacturing, marketing and distribution concepts for Ludwig Kraft table clocks and executed a successful market launch of this brand.

  • Import of Black and Non-Ferrous Metals

    On behalf of our customers we have imported thousands of tons of copper scrap and cast iron to Germany, cleared and sold it to the leading European metal producers such as DEUMU and Norddeutsche Affinerie.

  • Bulk Purchase, Worldwide Distribution and Customs Clearance of Servers and Network Equipment for the International Aluminium Company

    In Hamburg, we have organized bulk purchases of electronic equipment from the leading European and American producers,,,, provided worldwide deliveries to relevant enterprises and cleared them at the destination points.

  • Marketing, Identification of the Appropriate Producer, Contracting, Certification, Transportation, Customs Clearance for New Cosmetic Products

    Together with the Russian cosmetics manufacturer and wholesaler KM Kosmetik we worked out the concept for their new cosmetic products based only on natural ingredients – such as castor and palm oil, wax, etc. and merchandized them in the market.

We would be pleased to provide you with further information on the projects mentioned above or others we have.